Jill Alexander Guild Member

EMAIL: jill@jillalexander.ca
WEB SITE: Jill Alexander Studios
MEDIUM: Acrylics & mixed media
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Vibrant abstracts, over-sized florals, textured Canadian vistas & whimsical kaleidoscope fantasies are distinctly recognizable of what is described as my unique joyful style & technique. Many of Ottawa’s remarkable landmarks have been immortalized in my more fanciful series "Pride of Ottawa".

Ian Bartlett Guild Member

EMAIL: dustyoldchips@gmail.com
WEB SITE: www.myartrocks.ca
MEDIUM: Wood and graphite
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: I am an artist, wood carver and woodworker. Acrylic paint and graphite are the mediums I use to create fine works of art. My carving and woodworking skills allow me to create unique, one of a kind, hand painted rocking horses. I am a member of The Guild of Rocking Horse Makers.

Cor Beattie

EMAIL: cor1000@yahoo.com
Acrylics and concrete paintings
I am an Ottawa/Gatineau based mixed media and abstract artist who creates primarily with acrylics, inks, concrete and resin. In recent years, my vision has grown to encompass many different styles, mediums, and themes which have allowed me to explore new and exciting expressions. I offer a refined and  sophisticated feel to my works through experimentation of balance, color, composition and texture.

Jenn Becker Guild Member

EMAIL: info@hemlockhills.ca
My shots show my love of light and texture. I really enjoy  taking photos using a macro lens and exposing all the hidden details. Most of the  photos including all the horse photos are from our farm in Western Quebec or in our favorite Beach in Florida.


Kathryn Bossy

EMAIL: kathrynbossy@yahoo.com
MEDIUM: Mosaics & beading
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Each piece may include stained glass, tile, smalti, shells, millefiore, mirror, china, stones, jewels, beads, found objects, driftwood and handpainted papers. Reclaimed wood or windows act as the background and are important to each piece.


Carole Brazeau

EMAIL: gpd@live.ca
Stone sculpture, stained glass and oil painting
Carole is a sculptor of highly detailed and life-like soapstone sculptures. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where she works out of her home studio/workshop. Her busy life is balanced between raising her busy family (three children), painting with oils and acrylics, drawing, working with glass and carving out her visions.

Marissa Chang

EMAIL: marissac.studios@gmail.com
WEB SITE: www.mcstudioscanada.com
MEDIUM: Painting
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Marissa Chang, the artist behind M.C. Studios, creates abstract works of art with alcohol inks.


Beverley Comba

EMAIL: fish.n.chips@eastlink.ca
Home crafter started TwoFrenchDoors as a home based business last year incorporating both new and upcycled goods.


Kevin Dodds

EMAIL: kevin@kevindoddsart.com 
WEB SITE: Kevindoddsart.com
MEDIUM: Oil paintings

Joe Federer Guild Member

EMAIL: joe@federer.ca
WEBSITE: www.federer.ca
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Joe Federer has been making fine violins for over 15 years. He also makes interesting furniture.

Sheila Fletcher Guild Member

EMAIL: Sheila.art@hotmail.com
Painting. Acrylics
Painting plein air in watercolor was my joy for 35 years. Now. As I move on my joy is to express My thoughts in acrylics freely and uninhibited


Ginny Fobert

EMAIL: ginnyfobert@gmail.com
WEB SITE: www.mynds-i.com
MEDIUM: Photography and eco-printed scarves
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: I am a non-traditional photographer. I look for something of interest to photograph and find a different way to portray what I see. I also create eco-printed scarves. My scarves can be found at www.rosesandrust.ca


Grant Frood

EMAIL: gcfrood@gmail.com
Wood working
Making wooden toys and cutting boards.

Richard Gagne Guild Member

EMAIL: seericksart@gmail.com
MEDIUM: Paintings
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Abstract artist that paints in oil only, and I am humbled to have the opportunity to share and sell my art!


Ed Goddard Guild Member

EMAIL: edgoddard2@gmail.com
Painting in Acrylics


Laura Goodliff Guild Member

EMAIL: laura.goodliff1963@gmail.com
MEDIUM: Felting
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: "Felting" is a technique of repeatedly poking a needle through fibers to bind them into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Patricia Harper Guild Member

EMAIL: mother_ewe@hotmail.com
MEDIUM: Quilling, paper art
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Pat makes joyful. intriguing pictures and objects using strips of paper which are coiled, furled and shaped to produce the desired affect.

Frank Harper Guild Member

EMAIL: fdh36@yahoo.com
WEB SITE: http://www.frankharperart.com/
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas painting
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Frank is a "self taught " artist whose love of light and colour radiates from his paintings. Abstract, landscapes or figurative works are full of life and vigour.

Dan Jaques Guild Member

EMAIL: danjaques1@hotmail.com
MEDIUM: Acrylic painting
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: As a lifelong woodworker/cabinetmaker I bring a craftsman's sensibilities to painting. I aim for realistic representation of widely appreciated topics.

David Johnson Guild Member

EMAIL: treewoodturning@hotmail.com
I use local wood to produce both decorative and functional wooden objects such as salad bowls, yarn bowls, boxes plates and platters.

Liam Kelly

EMAIL: liamdpkelly@gmail.com
WEB SITE: https://www.facebook.com/The-Paintings-of-Liam-Kelly
Liam Kelly pours his emotions onto the canvas with intuitive gestures and colour combinations. His subjects range from complex philosophical ideas to simple natural scenes. The result is an abstraction of the familiar with other worldly essence. Colour dominates. Liam's work as his expression of passion for the painting process. Liam lives in Ottawa while attending Carleton University and in Mississippi Mills on the river where he grew up. He studies philosophy and math. When he isn't reading he is painting.


Kathryn Kasaboski

EMAIL: kathrynkasaboski@hotmail.com
MEDIUM: Raku jewellry, pottery, paverpol
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Kathryn, a multi media artist, creates unique Raku jewellery, She designs and makes pottery pieces and paverpol sculptures

Krysta Kentfield

EMAIL: kaanstey@msn.com
MEDIUM: Painting, gouache, wood, resin.
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: My work has concentrated on using wood. With a little TLC, some Gouache and resin, these wood blocks become a narrative. Simple and cute, Plantar portraits, skeletons in love or sweet little cats (for when you can't).

Lake View Designs

EMAIL: janet_springer@hotmail.com
WEB SITE: www.facebook.com/lakeviewdesign/
MEDIUM: Fused glass, metal, wood
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Lake View Designs is a collaboration by an artistic team, Janet and Doug, who's i interesting creations utilize fused glass, wood and metal.

Thom Lockwood

EMAIL: forest.lockwood@gmail.com
Wood Tables
As I reconnect with my passion for furniture and woodworking I am looking forward to continue creating functional spaces and making wonderful objects for use in these spaces.


Laura Mayo

EMAIL: laura@thelivingcanvas.ca
WEBSITE: www.thelivingcanvas.ca
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Focused on specialize dye techniques on silk such as snow, ice and spray dyeing as well as sun dyeing in the summer with plants from my extensive gardens. I create one of kind originals along with hand crafted scarf jewelry that perfectly matches my scarves. I also work with other mediums such as alcohol inks to create trivets, coasters and cards but that is a small fraction of my work. I am first and foremost a fibre artist.

Patience Megrath

EMAIL: crystalm84@hotmail.com
Abstract art
I have been doing Abstract for about 4 years. Painting is a way for me to express myself .and feel as though I am in another world when I’m painting and I find it very calming.


Ann Merla

EMAIL: ann_merla@yahoo.ca
Stained glass

Donna Morey

EMAIL: djoycemorey@gmail.com
My landscape and bird portrait paintings, executed primarily in acrylics, reflect life in rural Ontario and travels to my favourite seashores, Canada's Gulf of St Lawrence and Mexico's Gulf of California.


Kari Parkhouse

EMAIL: Kari.thamer@gmail.com
MEDIUM: Painting
My background as an artist is in Interior Design so my work reflects the aesthetics of design principles. My subject is Canadian Nature. I bring broad strokes and joyful palettes to my canvas to celebrate the beauty all around us.

Shari Phillips Guild Member

EMAIL: shari.acker58@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.shariphillips.ca
MEDIUM: Painting
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: I began dabbling in art when I was a teenager and later took classes at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. In early 2000, I started my ink doodle phase. Today, I am in the process of transforming those ink doodles into vibrant, fanciful renditions using acrylics and including my favorite element of bubbles

Robert Prankie

EMAIL: tickleknocker@gmail.com
Metal Artwork pictures and sculptures
I am a certified mould maker for plastic injection by trade and own and operate a machine and welding shop. It was about 10 yrs ago, that I had a very strong urge to get quality paper and soft lead pencils and i started to draw . Soon after I thought I could make pictures using metal and my metal working hand tools. (torches, hand-held grinders, welders vices ,presses, hammers). All of the tools I use are in my hand, as a brush in a painter's hand so is the plasma torch in mine, free hand forming by eye .

Stacey Prevost

EMAIL: fuusunshine1@gmail.com
Digital art
My pen name is InTheAfterAll. I am a digital artist/illustrator. I have a find appreciation for comics and Japanese manga.

Chantel Richard

EMAIL: chantelrichard@hotmail.com
MEDIUM: Mixed media
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: I’m interested in experimenting with combining different mediums such as ink and charcoal or acrylics and inks to create more expressive pieces of art. Lately I’ve been interested in exploring flowers. And making them more modern.

Julia Riopelle

EMAIL: juliasframing@gmail.com
WEBSITE: julias.framing@gmail.com
MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
ARTIST’S INFORMATION: I hold an honors Bachelor of Arts. Art instructor for the Board of Education for over fifteen years. My love is for oil on canvas but work in colored charcoals, watercolors, pastels and many other media doing all subject matter. I am the owner of Julia's Fine Art & Framing. 

Jim Robertson

EMAIL: jim@wahoo.ca
Acrylic and Oil
“I dream my paintings and paint my dreams”....If I only could have beaten Vincent to this quote. It so sums up my painting process. Drawing on inspiration from the past and the present, exciting shapes and colour begin to take form. I interpret subject matter spontaneously, impulsively and loosely with a love of negative space and dramatic use of colour. 

Scott Rubie Guild Member

EMAIL: rubiesw@gmail.com
Oil and Water colour

Jack Stekelenburg Guild Member

EMAIL: jackstekelenburg@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.waldenthreestudio.com
MEDIUM: Sculpture
ARTIST’S INFORMATION: I create abstract metal sculpture mostly using found objects



Jerry Szajman

EMAIL: ihszajman@xittel.ca
MEDIUM: Fused glass
ARTIST’S INFORMATION: Jerry Szajman and Francine St Germain are two Glass Artists in the Gatineau are. All our work is hand made and unique. We impart beauty to glass items that are also useable.


Catherine Timm

EMAIL: catherine.timm@gmail.com
Fibre/miixed Media
Catherine Timm is a professionally practicing visual artist . She works primarily with textiles and stitch. Her practice is inspired by sharing and learning about new processes with other artists as well as the influence of her natural surroundings.


Galina Vydryakova

EMAIL: vydryakova@yahoo.com
ewelry, mosaic
I love to turn beads in ornamentals and bijous.I love stones and I try to make mosaics.

Sandra Wales

EMAIL: walesfam@live.ca
MEDIUM: Photography
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Born and raised in Renfrew, I'm a nature and
portrait photographer who's happiest with a camera in my hand.


Diana Wakely Guild Member

EMAIL: wakely@bell.net
MEDIUM: Acrylic, water colour
ARTIST'S INFORMATION: Though I work in acrylic and watercolour I totally enjoy sketching. I will again be doing 'fast' portraits. So please stop by and get your portrait done and come and enjoy the artwork on display. 



Catherine Weber

EMAIL: Thecatsglass16@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.thecatsglassartistry.com
MEDIUM: Venetian style blown glass, lamp work and fused glass jewelry and decor

Tetiana Williams

EMAIL: tuvalusailor7@gmail.com
WEBSITE: silkcreationsbytetiana.com
MEDIUM: I paint in acrylics; I also paint on silk and create ladies fashion accessories.
ARTIST’S INFORMATION: I studied art in Ukraine I design scarves in various sizes and styles, ladies beach coverups -both tops and skirts tunics, and T-shirts, sleeveless tops and dresses