May 8 Members Meeting

Meeting Format 



Wood Carving with Nish Nabie 

Stanley Moore (also known as Nish Nabie) is a Native Algonquin who grew up in the territory of Kipawa Quebec and played and lived on Mckillop and Pants Lake. Here, he had many encounters with moose, wolves, bears, and eagles.

Nish was introduced to wood carving by native healers who expressed that it was a part of therapy known as holistic art. He has since gone on to create beautiful moose and eagle carvings as well as spiritual items for the elders. One piece was requested to fight against suicide with youth up in the Northern native reserves. In addition to the carvings, Nish also carves antler jewelry such as rings and pendants.

In our May meeting, Nish will be demonstrating on a large 3/4 finished piece how to carve. Participants will also have an opportunity to take part or work on their own pieces with soap.

To see more of Nish's work, visit his Facebook web site


Show and Tell

Members bring their latest creations to discuss and share with everyone.