March 13 Members Meeting


Opening Remarks (Jack)

Fitness Challenge: Jack shared that he answered Kathryn Windle’s call to action that will see the Town of Renfrew become the Fittest Community in the Fittest Nation on Earth. This is Senator Nancy Green Raine's initiative for National Health and Fitness Day, June 2. Jack created a metal reminder of the importance of being able to push and pull our own weight. 

February Financial Report (Mark)

Shared beginning and ending February balances.
Jack: Motion to approve financial report.
Frank Harper: Seconded

Quick Annoucements (Shari)

 New Facebook Group

Art in the Park (July 14)

Wilson’s Window

Renfrew Home Garden and Leisure Show

Close (Jack)

Tuesday, April 10

Creating Metal Sculptures with Jack Stekelenburg

At this meeting Jack will bring in a large collection of found metal objects for everyone to play around with. He will talk about the history of using metal in art and demonstrate how to arrange metal to create a piece that is both representational and non-representational. 

Tuesday, May 8

Carving with Nich Nabie. Nich is and Algonquin first nation carving artist specializing in wood and antler. See Nich's work HERE

More information to come.

Photographing Art with Guy Longtin

Guy is a very enthusiastic photographer who enjoys everything from wildlife photography through to travel and street photography.  He has won numerous photographic competitions world wide. Guy is a published photographer with works in Europe and throughout North America.  His background in photography is mostly self taught with the exception of a summer 4 week course he took in his high school years. 

In our March meeting, Guy talked about photographing art for the internet and prints.  He also talked about lighting art work and the equipment required to get the best quality image for display. A 6-page cheat sheet on some of the tips Guy shared with us can be found HERE (pdf fie to come).

Guy has many photos on his web site that you can check out HERE.

Show and Tell

A number of our members brought their latest creations to discuss and share with everyone.