Joanne McGregor



Joanne McGregor is a long time Ottawa resident currently residing in the Bridlewood area of Kanata with her husband and four children.

From an early age, Jo showed artistic promise winning art competitions while attending Huntley Centennial Public School. Jo began to take art seriously in her early 20's taking courses in water colors with the occasional foray into acrylics and oils. Flowers, wildlife and still life were her primary subjects during this period.

Taking time away from painting to raise her family and work as a full-time paramedic, Jo went without her art for many years. After a traumatic brain injury and a PTSD diagnosis in 2010, Jo turned towards her art as part of her recovery. Whether through design or serendipity, Joanne's style, mediums and artistic visions have changed dramatically. Now working with multi-media, Joanne is using her talents to create dramatic, bold pieces that must be seen to be believed.

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