Shari Morgan Phillips


I began dabbling in art when I was a teenager and later took graphic design at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

In early 2000, I started my ink doodle phase. During long boring business meetings, I must say I did more doodling than taking notes. My boss often teased me about it so I gave her a full-size ink drawing of one of those doodles. This became the first doodle art and the inspiration for the Dolphin.

Around 2009, I tried my hand at watercolors which culminated with Apple Blossoms. Then in late 2015 I found a wonderful mentor, Jill Alexander, a well-known Ottawa Valley artist. She really liked my doodle art, the swirls and patterns, and saw an opportunity to do something very exciting with them. Today, I am in the process of transforming those ink doodles into vibrant, fanciful renditions using acrylics and including my favorite element of bubbles.


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